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What is OSAKA ? ... Japan's 2nd major city after Tokyo

OSAKA companies will meet you online

Organized by OBDA / YAMATO LLC

1. Japan Technologies for "Make in India"

MATEX Planetary Gear Module System

For Makers of mechanical products, i.e. Automotive, electric tool, home appliance etc.

Looking for Sales partners, especially in Southern India


MATEX EASYCLAMP -A Japanese #1 clamp tool for plastic injection molding

For Manufacturers of plastic injection molding parts

Looking for Sales partner


“Super Sticky Gel Pad” - Secure your valuable properties without drilling

We are Proseven Co., Ltd., looking for Importers/ Distributors

Super Sticky Gel Pads_E.pdf
KK Core chisel (1).pdf

“Reinforced Core Chisel” for Hydraulic Breaker - Tough, Productive and Reliable

We are Kansai Kogu, looking for distributors


Laser Welding, TIG Welding and Gas Welding Skills & Technologies

We are Yoshimura Welding, looking for a market entry partner

High-precision 0.1mm overlay welding technologies & skills shall contribute "Make in India", i.e. mold repair or medical equipment made of stainless, aluminum, etc.

How is Laser welding better than TIG welding_.pdf
company movie.mp4

Custom Precision Parts from 1pcs MoQ, Fast Delivery

We are Yumoto Electric INC.

We supply various plastic and metal custom precision parts from 1 piece MOQ, within 2 days delivery in Japan.

We are now looking for customers or partners.


Rebar Processing Machinery & Equipments

Creating quality construction equipment helps build reliable infrastructure

We are Toyo, manufacturing and supplying machinery for CUT & BEND of rebars

We are looking for customers and partners

OSAKA Expo Online(インド)用資料.pdf

Revive Lead Battery !

  1. Reduce expenses !

  2. New business development !

  3. Enhancing employment !

  4. Reduce CO2 !

  5. Reduce the resource of the Earth !

  6. Better image of your company and SDGs for management strategy !

We are Komatsu Trading

Introduction of Wire Bunding Tube with Hock Button 1215.pdf

Wire Bundling Tube with Hock Button

We are Shinohara Electric Co .,Ltd. continue to supply product for distribution panel since 1961.

We are looking for valued customers and/or distribution partners with a long term relationship.

Introduction of Shinohara Electric.pdf

Further Technologies


"Multi-Disk Dehydrator JD Series" - Reducing Sewage Sludge into 1/15 volume by 1/10 environmental impact & half cost

We are Tsurumi Manufacturing Co., Ltd., looking for...

  • Auto Industry Players, i.e. Facility Managers, etc.

  • Sales Channels to above clients, i.e. Environmental Engineers, etc.

"X-bit" - Longlife Durable Screwdriver Bits (See Product lineup)

We are SHINKI MANUFACTURING Co.,LTD., looking for...

  • Metal Tools Distributors


60% Less Volume Compact Scaffolding & Concrete Plants for Buildings

We are KYC Machine Industry Co.,Ltd., looking for...

  • Local partner, etc.

Hexagon Wrenches & Screwdrivers

We are EIGHT TOOL CO., LTD., looking for...

  • Metal Tools Distributors

Used Paper Supply for Anti-Bacterial Masks, 3D Mold Products, Building Material, etc.

We are Daiwashiryo Co.,Ltd., looking for...

  • Paper Manufacturers / Paper Mills

Temperature Control Solutions for Manufacturers with Heating Process

We are Chino Corporation, looking for...

  • Manufactures for Metal Products, etc.

2. Quality life as like Japan

"Dental Composite Resin" with Fluoride Sustained Release property, Strength and Chameleon Effect

We are YAMAKIN CO., LTD. -YAMAKIN- ( looking for Distributors of Dental Materials.


Leading company in the esthetic industry in Japan

Looking for beauty products which offer solid results?

Dr.Recella are receiving a great review for our skincare products from a lot of beauty salons in Japan, and winner of numerous beauty awards.

Let's go into beauty business together!

Dr.Recella Global Website :

Emergency Clothing Care.pdf
Emergency Clothing Care.mp4

Zipper Wax Pen: An easy and protecting fix to your zipper woes

Stain Remover Pen: A portable and quick fix to your stain woes.

Wrinkle Releaser Spray: An easy and protecting fix to your wrinkle and static woes.

We are a clothing care product manufacturer that delivers Japanese quality and convenience.

Leonis Website :

We are looking for Importers/ Distributors for daily goods.

��Stain Remover Pen PPT.pdf
��Wrinkle Spray PPT.pdf
Convenient Sewing Supplies.pdf
Convenient Sewing Supplies.mp4

Iron on Hem Tape: An easy and durable fix to your hemming woes

Thread Kits: An abundant and durable asset to your sewing world.

Sewing Kits: An easy and portable fix to your emergency clothing woes.

We are a clothing care product manufacturer that delivers Japanese quality and convenience.

Leonis Website :

We are looking for Importers/ Distributors for daily goods.

��Thread kit PPT.pdf
��Sewing kit PPT.pdf
Maki-e Mirror_e_compressed.pdf

Patented Mirror Shows True-Yourself


Looking for an importer

Further Quality life Products


Non Clipping Hair Accessories

We are Kamipita Japan co.,ltd, looking for...

  • Distributors to groceries, accessories, beauty care products, etc.

  • Internet distributors

Variety of Plastic Buttons from Japan, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, & Korea

We are OSAKA PLASTIC INDUSTRY LTD., looking for...

  • Importers/ Distributors for Apparel

  • Apparel manufacturers/ Brands

Cosmetics Manufacturer over 135 years history

We are Momotani Juntenkan Ltd., looking for...

  • Distributors/ Agents, etc.

3. Japan Food, Culture & Language

麦丸PR動画⑤ (3m37s).mov

Udon Noodle Restaurant "KINEYA MUGIMARU"

We are Gourmet Kineya Co., Ltd.

Looking for Japanese restaurant franchise partner. We currently have seven franchises in the USA, Hong Kong and the UK.

What is Udon noodeles?

2-2Brands brochure.pdf

Donburi rice bowl restaurant "KINEYA DON DON TEI"

We are Gourmet Kineya Co., Ltd.

Looking for Japanese restaurant franchise partner. We currently have seven franchises in the USA, Hong Kong and the UK.

What is rice bowl?

3-2Brands brochure.pdf
SASAKAWA Whisky introduction.pptx

Variety of Japanese whisky with unique aroma and special flavor

i.e. Mizunara oak, Hinoki wood, Sherry flavor, Peated aroma, etc.

We are MK Trading who is one of the leading exporters in Japan.

We are looking for a good importer in India.

KUMANO Whisky introduction.pptx
TON'S BLACK Ver 3rd.mp4

Unique & Ethical Nuts Product

We source, roast & promote ethical Nuts from Worldwide.

We are Toyo Nut Co., Ltd., looking for local partners in India.

Management awarded by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Government of Japan

  • Contribution to local industries

  • Healthy products

  • R&D with institutions

Products certified by "Rainforest Alliances"

Collaboration with worldwide producers

Products Catalog TOYO NUT CO., LTD.pdf

Further Japan-service providers

日本語.COM(English Ver).mp4

Japanese Language Learning Online Service

We are GE Partners Co., Ltd., looking for...

  • Language Training Institutes

  • Manpower Outsourcers

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